Emblematic Leather

Over the summer, the atmosphere in airports changes dramatically.  Young people are out in full force traveling with families, athletic teams, and teen groups.  Their choice of travel gear is an interesting selection of adorable stuffed animals, colorful t-shirts proclaiming a championship, trunks plastered with camp stickers, and a variety of uniforms like the Scouts of America.  Their traditional khaki shirts are personalized with an assortment of badges signifying achievements such as  “Journey to Excellence” and “High Adventure.”  


While waiting at the gate, the impressive badges prompt a lot of interesting conversations about the nature of the journey a Scout undertakes.  It's well known that physical endurance and resourcefulness are key to advancing in the Scouts’ organization, but it's the unspoken determination that's most captivating.  It's something that's revealed in a firm handshake and direct eye contact.

In contrast to the orderly Scout troop, the vacation uniform of laid-back tourists--flip-flops, baggy shorts, and t-shirt--mostly goes unnoticed.  Eventually the conversations shift to heading back home, back-to-school schedules, and the back and forth of weary work travel.  But, there's little doubt that the significance of the Scouts’ emblems got passengers thinking about the lack of adventure in their lives, and questioning how their lives became so systematic.

If your wardrobe looks too domesticated, add garments that will inspire a daring adventure.  We’re not referring to hiking boots or cargo pants, but something more forthright and stylish.  Something that will make you feel like you could climb a mountain, or cut through a glass ceiling.  Something bold like a leather miniskirt or a motorcycle jacket. 

Leather separates are emblematic of independent style.  A leather motorcycle jacket adds a rebellious presence to an outfit.   Sleek leather pants get noticed with an emphatic ooh la la.  A leather miniskirt is sure to disrupt the status quo when paired with boots.  Of course you can also wear it with pumps and a cashmere sweater to soften the go-go attitude. 

Through wind, rain, and heartache, leather endures, and signs of wear like creases and fade marks develop into an authentic patina that’s emblematic of a life well lived.  For work, a leather jacket is a loyal partner to chef’s whites, scrubs, jeans, and designer boots.  For play, it brings out your free spirit and makes experience your badge of excellence.

Challenge everything about your routine.  Question convention.  Act.  Explore a path of high adventure.


A timeless investment piece, this classic moto jacket is cut from supple black leather and polished with silver hardware. Madewell.

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