Beach Pose

Practicing yoga on the beach starts with letting go of Mountain pose.  Standing tall with your feet firmly planted on the ground doesn’t apply when sand is shifting beneath your feet.  Instead, try a pose that fits the marine environment.  Begin with Beach pose.

Beach pose isn’t as structured as Mountain.  It’s a more relaxed stance that reflects the variability of a coastal setting.  Like a barometer, your attention is focused on observing the current conditions so you can align your posture with the angle of the sun and direction of the wind.  You’ll soon notice that the coastal soundtrack of surf and seagulls calms your mind and makes you more receptive to the waves of energy flowing from the ocean.  

The slope of the beach can present a challenge to your equilibrium, so try standing poses like Warrior I to steady your footing.  Notice how you reach further with each breath.  Triangle, with arms spread like a sundial, feels like you’re performing an ancient ritual to honor nature as you gaze at the immense sky. 

Allow yourself to be spontaneous with the sequence of poses when practicing yoga outside.  No counting.  No holding.  Just a natural rhythm.  Spread your wings and trust instinct to guide you.  It’s free range yoga...go with the flow.  

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