Mild-Mannered Mischief

Mild spring weather has a way of making exuberance interrupt your day with wild ideas. She taunts you about “all work and no play…” and then dares you to do something adventurous.  She reminds you that levity is necessary to disrupt a tiresome routine.  You’re tempted.  You’re cautious.  Before she leaves altogether, remember that exuberance likes to be around spontaneous people who don’t hesitate to skip out the door for a little good-natured fun. 

Exuberance makes you want to unleash some mild-mannered mischief, like an exaggerated illness that prevents you from returning to work after lunch.  Or, deciding not to feed the parking meter because you’re feeling lucky.  Exuberance makes amusement your top priority and will likely suggest a few rounds of hide-and-seek to you and your loyal companion.  It’s just a game—so feel free to improvise.  Hide in plain sight in Calvin Klein’s Aviator Sunglasses.  Seek a cheerful outlook in red shoes by Joie.  

At a time when the bees are working overtime for their queen and a spring breeze can make you weak in the knees, choose Aquatalia’s uber-comfy Willah sandals for your mischief making afternoon.  Dansko sent Maci to art school and she came back with some colorful ideas of her own.  The sheer simplicity of the Caelan sandal by Vince will make you want to abandon all responsibilities, and the devil-may-care sneakers grant you permission to act ten years younger.  Blame it on exuberance.