Bare Trees and Barely There Bikinis

While the weather forecast is predicting icy conditions, the fashion headlines are showering you with colorful swimwear.  Images of barely-there bikinis transport you from the view of bare trees outside the window to a warm, sunny beach lined with palm trees.  Since your vacation is still several months away, change your imagination’s itinerary from a tropical beach to the scenery around you.  Redirect your creative energy to your immediate surroundings so that whenever you arrive home, it feels like you’re on vacation.  

Winter bares herself with absolute candor.  Leafless trees reveal a stark branch structure that's open to the blue sky above, and ornamental shrubs have shed all evidence of autumn’s bright red foliage to expose delicate seedpods.  A cold afternoon is an opportunity to strip away superfluous items inside your home.  Keep the essentials and bring in fresh decor that appeals to the senses.  Accessorize the heart of your home with soft accent pillows, fragrant candles, fresh flowers, and artistic serve-ware by Nambé.  

Refashion your closet by prioritizing the basics--those indispensable clothes that are always up to the task of mixing and matching with everything else.  Let them know how much you appreciate their hard work by treating them with care.  Arrange the basics by color and experience a renewed calmness when selecting an outfit in the morning.  

Refresh the essential white shirts and black tees you count on throughout the week with new arrivals from Vince, Khaite, Topshop, and Theory.  These brands feature relaxed silhouettes in white as well as neutral shades of buttercream, rosewater, and ivory.  This month, allow your imagination to take flight and get the R&R you deserve at home.

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