Mother Nature's Daughter

Wanderlust is a demanding mistress.  By mid-winter, she’s particularly willful when expressing her need for attention.  She tempts you with daydreams of a warm Caribbean beach with white sand and turquoise water.  She distracts with reports of ski slopes coated in gleaming fresh snow. 

You’ll know you’re under the spell of wanderlust when you awake one cold winter morning afflicted with cabin fever.  You’re restless, fidgety, and easily annoyed by your urban surroundings.  Of course you must attend to these symptoms because it’s wanderlust’s appetite for adventure that keeps you from becoming too domesticated.  Ms. Wanderlust is the wild daughter of Mother Nature, and if you don’t respond to her desires, she’ll leave you behind.  

The best antidote for cabin fever is outdoor recreation.  You can appease wanderlust with a daylong excursion to a nearby wilderness or a tropical getaway.  A vigorous hike will sharpen the dull edge that forms from being in a thermostat controlled environment for too long.  When you’re outside of your comfort zone, her passion dares you to jump over streams and climb up rock ledges.  In the water, her curiosity guides your diving group along a fantastic coral reef teeming with otherworldly creatures.  

Nature has the power to pierce the facade of routine and give you a fresh perspective on life.  Outfit your inner explorer in sporty-chic apparel from The North Face or Seafolly and you’ll have the freedom to wander with ease.  Durability and comfort are top priorities for these brands when designing activewear for athletic pursuits like hiking and surfing.

Wanderlust is a natural leader.  Follow her and she’ll find the perfect place to watch the  sunrise spread across the horizon like a silk scarf woven from precious rubies and golden amber.  Walk beside her and she’ll be a lifelong companion who’ll show you the bluest water, the tallest trees, and the mightiest mountains.