Yoga Buffet

When you’re hungry for change, wouldn’t it be convenient if there was a place to indulge in delectable feelings?  At this buffet of sentiments, bite-sized pieces of gratitude would be served as an appetizer.  An entree of honey-baked motivation would be offered with a side dish of fresh inspiration.  There would be a long line for the delightful confections of sweet satisfaction.  Bitter condiments like jealousy would be used sparingly to make dishes more tempting.  You won’t find this buffet in a restaurant, but in your favorite yoga space where sustenance comes from homestyle portions of equanimity. 

Yoga proficiency, like culinary expertise, requires an understanding of balance.  A seasonal shift in your yoga practice is just as beneficial as a seasonal change in your diet.  Choosing which yoga poses to link together to engage the senses can be like creating a tasting menu that appeals to all of the taste buds.  The right sequence of standing, sitting, and twisting poses holds the promise of clarity and deep relaxation by removing stubborn feelings that prevent happiness from taking root.

A chef will tell you that the most delicious flavors come from balancing sweet and bitter.  A yoga teacher will show you how a balanced practice offers sublime contentment.  When you’re hungry for change, dig into your yoga practice and be nourished by deep breaths that improve your outlook.  Savor the insightful flavors that remind you that happiness is self-serve.