The Recharge Zone

During your off-duty time you want a pullover that’s slouchy not sloppy, stretchy pants that are laid-back not lazy, and an oversized sweater that is carefree not careless.  In the recharge zone, you want to replenish your energy level without draining style.

Women's Marc Jacobs Zip Jersey Track Jacket

Rag & Bone’s casual collection exudes a nonchalant ease that’s suitable for all forms of R & R.  These basics have an urban demeanor with a classic pedigree like the roomy crewneck sweater and the varsity level sweatshirt that has an extra wide neckline and a rich port color that’s decidedly non-athletic.  Whether you choose to go out for a matinee movie or stay in to catch up with your book club selection, you won't have to forgo style during your free time.  

Beyond Yoga designs clothes that shelter the yoga glow beyond the studio.  Soft fabrics are made for layering with the right amount of stretch to give you plenty of room to unwind and let others know that you’re in the recharge zone so approach calmly.  With comfort as a top priority, the fold-over waist on Beyond Yoga's cozy fleece pants is your cue to relax.  

Speaking of revitalization, Marc Jacobs has elevated the status of the hoodie with a substantial gold zipper and embroidery along the arms.  And when you're running on empty, restore yourself in the deluxe track jacket and pants.