Step Out of Bounds in Fanciful Footwear

Remember the girl in high school who embellished her outfits with unusual accessories like frilly bows attached to her flip flops, rhinestones glued onto wooden clogs, or a hand-painted leather belt.  While everyone else was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, she wore a skirt and boots.  She didn’t need to follow trends because she preferred to rummage through racks of clothes at a flea market for a one-of-a-kind find. 

She was thought to be a bit quirky because she excelled in math and soared in art.  The inside of her locker was covered with National Geographic pictures, and her handwritten notes were delightfully decorated and folded into complex origami shapes. With a vivid imagination and friendly personality, she was much to clever to worry about fitting in with the crowd.  Indeed, her eclectic wardrobe defied conventional high school styles.
Today, this woman is probably a geometry teacher or a fashion designer.  She has an intelligent style that’s sometimes whimsical other times feminine.  She could be a designer for Chie Mihara, a brand of handcrafted shoes made in Spain.  Maybe she’s with Manolo Blahik where pretty is a priority, or working at the house of Chloe where sophistication is graced with imaginative details.  Perhaps she’s content being the creative director of her own stylish wardrobe. 

These shoes feature artistic details that appeal to the independent women who is undaunted by color and patterns.  She prefers the unusual, but won’t compromise her comfort.  An unexpected cutout on the sides, a retro-inspired platform and peep toe, and an oversized bow are some of the interesting touches that make boutique footwear irresistible.

It’s summertime...feel free to step out of bounds in fanciful footwear.