Embody The Bali Lifestyle

Bali is well-known for its peaceful culture and friendly people.  The verdant island is an idyllic setting where spirituality is expressed with humble offerings of rice and sacred prayers are recited throughout the day.  Bali has become a popular destination for peace seekers from all over the world who come to deepen their yoga practice and explore the amazing aquatic ecosystem.  Many are on a personal odyssey that has lead them there for rejuvenation and discovery.  For the openhearted, happiness is the ultimate souvenir they will take home from Bali.

Women's John Hardy Classic Chain Hinged Bangle

Creative expression such as elaborate dance rituals and fine jewelry-making is also prevalent in Bali.  Indigenous artwork is imbued with a harmonious spirit that’s unique to the island.  Anna Beck and John Hardy design jewelry that’s inspired by the enchantment of the Balinese culture.  Their artisanal jewelry collections celebrate the natural beauty of the region and colorful customs of the local people. 

Ancient metalworking techniques are evident in the way Anna Beck earrings shimmer in the sunlight and tiny silver disks on the Vermeil ring glisten like tiny water droplets on a lotus blossom.  John Hardy uses symbolic shapes like celestial orb earrings, bamboo bracelets, and signature engravings to convey his reverence for the island.  These motifs also help to create awareness of Bali’s heritage and environment.

When simplicity is what you seek, contentment will find you.  Let go of your expectations, and embody the Bali lifestyle with jewelry that honors the rich traditions and exquisite artistry of the island.