Passion-Forward Design

Curiosity is liberating.  Using free-association to inquire about who, what, when, where, why, and how increases comprehension.  Interrogative brainstorming challenges you to think of more possibilities.  Curiosity is magical.  When you ask questions, you’ll receive lots of answers as if by magic.  Fortuitous encounters and unexpected events will reveal a course of action for you to consider.  Errors will be instructive.  Curiosity is free-range.  Your imagination is allowed to roam freely across artificial boundaries. 

You probably know someone who’s returning to school this Fall.  Students are searching for new bags and shoes while you’re seeking new ideas for your wardrobe.  Pursue your curiosity for style and have the courage to step out of the mainstream.  Alexander McQueen has studied the little black dress with a passion-forward attitude and has produced clever results.  It’s been turned inside out and upside down to come up with fearless silhouettes.  Feisty details like contrast stitching and tiny silver studs will make you the authority figure in the room.  And the shorter lengths will add fervor to any occasion.  On the subject of shoes, McQ has written an excellent composition on urban flair.

The Gifted & Talented are naturally curious about everything.  Raise your awareness by asking lots of questions everyday.  You’ll know the right answer when you see it.