Kindness is Magnetic

Serendipity happens.  While driving to work, an invisible force alters your itinerary to lead you toward an unexpected destination that turns out to be fortuitous career move.  While running errands, you meet a new friend because of a mix-up with your coffee order.  Like an expert matchmaker, Lady Luck introduces you to your future business partner while waiting in line at the grocery store.  Or, maybe you come across a timely message stuck on a utility pole that you only noticed after stepping aside to allow someone to pass on a narrow sidewalk.

Moments later, you realize that the message is positive reinforcement for an act of kindness.  As your pace slows, your outlook becomes more optimistic.  Smiles are exchanged.  A brilliant brainstorm blows in with the answer you were seeking.  It’s like you tuned into a new radio station with an upbeat playlist. The day goes from ordinary to extraordinary when you get home to discover an unexpected check in the mail.  

Philosophers and scientists have told us over the years that good fortune and joy are plentiful.  Quantum physics supports the power of imagination to achieve what you desire.  Be clear in stating what you want and watch how a found penny is transmuted into good luck.  Discover how a minor delay in your busy schedule results in the fulfillment of a dream.  Take a detour around your regular route and find the home you’ve been searching for.

Designers know how to craft flattering silhouettes to transform how a woman feels when wearing a well-made dress.  They also understand how color can elevate the mood in a room.  The latest collections by Prabal Gurung, Trina Turk, and Just Cavalli exude happiness with colorful prints that are whimsical and vibrant.  Moms of all ages love to wear bold colors on special occasions.  A mandarin orange dress by Nicole Miller expresses her confidence, a gorgeous Missoni scarf conveys her generosity, and her kindhearted smile is reassuring and makes you feel like everything is going to be ok.  

Moms know that kindness is a magnetic force.