Intention Versus Inertia

Inertia is often concealed by everyday habits.  In the midst of a busy day, doing what is familiar and comfortable often takes precedence over trying something new.  Eventually, the tiresome behavior may start to make you feel complacent or disappointed because you realize inertia has set in.  And overcoming inertia, that routine resistance to change, requires unwavering willpower.  With the help of an assertive New Year’s Resolution, you’re ready for the challenge of disrupting the patterns that limit your options for personal growth.  Like a fierce prizefighter, you’re eager to knockout doubt and fulfill your goals for 2016.

DANNIJO - MEGA Ring (Navy) Ring

In an effort to remove the roadblocks to success, visualize a positive outcome.  Commit to a daily regimen of mindfulness training to kick bad habits or implement a new outlook.  Feel the advantage of insisting on a positive attitude that’s enthusiastic, forward-thinking, and ambitious.  Define the actions that support your resolution so you’re prepared for the discipline required to achieve what you desire.  Be receptive to the advice and encouragement offered to you.  

After creating a mantra that reminds you to stay focused on your goal, why not choose a talisman to also inspire good fortune?  Many cultures believe that semi-precious stones have mystical qualities to guide you.  Select a piece of jewelry with the color of stone that resonates with your good intentions and enhances your sense of purpose. 

You can triumph over inertia by focusing on the benefits that come from eliminating the habit instead of seeing only the result.  Be resolute in your actions, smack down hesitation, and expect a positive outcome.  It’s a contest you can win.