Line Forms Here

Originality is cherished by stylish women, and they're drawn to the eclectic labels at Anthropologie.  These women have a knack for clever wardrobe improvisation because they rely on their diverse fashion interests to interpret the latest trends and express their personality.  They also look to other shoppers for nifty outfits from a variety of designers and the must-have pieces from Anthropologie.  Indeed, there are times when the checkout line at Anthropologie looks like a bona fide runway for Improvisseurs.  


From Bath England to San Jose, California, Anthropologie welcomes women into their enchanting world of fashion where shopping is a creative pursuit, not a bargain hunter’s sport.  An Anthropologie store is like a fashion gallery where women can browse among thoughtfully arranged lifestyle ensembles that embolden their sense of style.  Delightful alcoves are furnished with charming cupboards of dishes and napkins that conjure the warmth of mom’s kitchen; informal stacks of books are casually placed on side tables for your livable living room; and hospitality is elevated to a multi-sensory experience with fragrant Voluspa candles, upbeat indie music, and a friendly staff.

Anthropologie's focus on interior design expands the scope of fashion from a one-way street to a freeway of style ideas.  Artistry flows from the handmade artwork suspended from the ceilings to the racks of dazzling jewelry.  And free-spirited style cues inspire women to wear vintage Frye clogs with a jersey dress by Dolan, or an understated top by Theory with a pencil skirt by Maeve.  

So step right up to the “Line Forms Here” sign and check out the handbag of the woman standing in front of you.  A compliment is a great conversation starter.