Groundbreaking Steps

The Austin skyline continues to spike higher into the stratosphere.  From afar, downtown resembles a bar graph charting economic progress over the last 30 years.  Plotting Year x Height would reveal an upward trend that has also heightened awareness about preserving the Capitol View Corridors.  Maintaining these unobstructed sight lines to the grand dome is a top priority for proud Texans who treasure their trailblazing heritage.

Another significant sign of progress in Austin’s downtown isn’t as easy to spot as the construction crane parked beside the latest condominium project.  While the crane is used for lifting heavy objects, the other indicator raises the bar for women’s employment opportunities.   As you’re navigating around the construction site near 2nd Street, take a close look at the work crews.  At first glance, the small group of workers looks like a typical construction crew wearing hardhats and dusty steel-toe boots, but one of them has a different walk that sets her apart.

She’s the one with the heavy-duty confidence that’s essential for working in a challenging environment like a construction site.  Her tool belt may hint at her expertise, but it doesn’t reveal her determination to build a career that complements her unique talents.  Whether the workplace is in high-tech or high-rise construction, ambition motivates women to seek the best vantage point.

As buildings are trending taller in Austin, women’s work shoes are trending lower.  Traditional loafers have been de-constructed and rebuilt with a pointed toe, sturdy tread, and stylish straps.  Surefooted options from designers like Aquatalia and Rag & Bone are made to support you in a variety of situations when comfort is preferred.

Women understand that they have to show up to work with their own set of plans in order to succeed in new places.  Choosing an unconventional career path or blazing a new trail is a step in the right direction.