Urban Finesse

A little finesse goes a long way when navigating Austin’s urban landscape on a hot summer afternoon.  Seeking shade--at every opportunity--is the top priority.  Standing in the narrow band of shade cast by a telephone pole makes waiting to cross the street more tolerable.  Resting on a shady bench after running around Town Lake fills you with unexpected gratitude for the prevailing breeze that revitalizes mind and body.  And garnishing your iced tea with mint leaves refreshes a busy day.

The Passiflora vine creates its own shade to shelter new growth.  When the time is right, the leaves will move aside to make make space for the sun to nourish its blossoms.  The vine also seeks every opportunity to improve its upward mobility by reaching out to birds, bees, and even a sympathetic gardener with a creative eye. With the support of delicate lavender netting, the vine climbs a scorching metal post to showcase its exquisite passion flowers.  The showy vine intertwined with lavender fishnet is a whimsical display--sort of a different take on urban street style--Ms. Passiflora:  Austin’s latest “It” gal.

A silk dress will keep you cool and collected as you adapt to soaring temperatures.  Sidewalk traffic will flow more smoothly when you breeze by wearing a colorful Tolani print.  Tolani specializes in traditional designs of India that look up-to-date in the unstructured silhouettes you desire in hot weather.  Exuberant colors are organized in geometric prints on sleeveless blouses, scarves, and shorts.  Skip the collar and slip on a silk tunic for carefree style that works in the office and on the patio while you savor fiery salsa and chips.  

Heat tolerant gardens are flourishing throughout downtown Austin.  These gardens are especially enjoyable when an individual decides to foster the relationship between urban edginess and the native tenacity of a living vine.