A Splendid Combination Of High Tea And High Fashion

Etiquette adds a little shimmer to any situation, especially when it’s delivered with a British accent.  “Madam” elevates a professional encounter to a courteous exchange, and a subtle bow is received as a gesture of gratitude.  First impressions are more impressive with a firm handshake and a smart appearance that’s delightfully dressy.  Indeed, a pretty cardigan, a-line dress, and low heels are a refreshing alternative to denim and a t-shirt for everyday wear.  For special occasions, nothing compares to a lovely hat to add a festive touch to a celebration, particularly when it tops a witty personality.  

Whistles is an international brand that has retained its British heritage while creating a narrative that blends the most splendid characteristics of high tea and high fashion into modern collections with “real life appeal.”  They design for women who appreciate understated silhouettes sweetened with a bit of finesse as much as their daily ritual of afternoon tea. Whistles excels at customizing basic tops with flattering details to catch the eye of a woman who believes handwritten correspondence is more meaningful than email.  For busy professionals who don’t want to sacrifice sophistication for comfort, Whistles designs classic separates like jersey blazers and slim trousers for a work wardrobe that’s versatile and stylish.

For more than three decades, Whistles has expanded throughout Europe while maintaining a philosophy described as “minimal hallmark.”  The latest collection features pretty tie-waist skirts with punctual pleats; crepe jumpsuits cropped to perfection; luxurious knitwear for high-performance days; and a variety of midi skirts. You’ll also be pleased to discover plush faux fur coats, dashing fedoras, and wedge ankle boots to accentuate your cool weather style. 

Etiquette is a gracious expression that introduces levity to the most routine encounters.  It’s friendly.  It’s interpersonal.  And sometimes, a cheerful “Good Day, Madam” can lead to a serendipitous moment.