Shoe Heaven: A Dream Come True In London

Awaken!  Shoe heaven is no longer an angelic fantasy, but a luxurious destination within Harrods in London.  HARRODS SHOE HEAVEN is a lofty palace of “divine inspiration” graced with rich marble, plush carpet, and lavish hospitality.  The gates to Harrods 5th floor will open in September to a breathtaking 42,000 sq ft. shoe salon and a dedicated staff of experts to ensure your dreams come true.  

Harrods Shoe Heaven is like a grand banquet of luscious wedges, yummy flats, delectable boots, and mouthwatering stilettos to arouse your appetite for the most fashionable footwear on earth.  So celebrate your big achievements and choose from among 17 glorious boutiques including Chanel, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Gucci to reward yourself.