The Western Switch-Out

Dancing to Western Swing music is a traditional pastime in Texas dance halls on Saturday nights.  The swinging rhythm has an irresistible tempo that keeps couples on their feet until the last call for alcohol is announced.  But, the rollicking dance steps don’t compare to the fancy footwork performed by cowgirls off the dance floor.  On any given day of the week, cowgirls indulge their fashion whims while doing the Western Switch-Out when nobody is looking.  

From Peep-toe pumps to
snip-toe boots...

Dressing up in stockings and high heels can sometimes interfere with a cowgirl’s down-to-earth nature and fun-loving attitude.  The Western Switch-Out gives a cowgirl the opportunity to improvise her outfit to accommodate the demands of long wedding receptions, birthday parties, family gatherings, and late-night rendezvous.  When the urge to slip into something more comfortable gets the best of her, she’ll sneak off to her car and switch out the heels for her beloved boots.  For the untrained eye, the Western Switch-Out often goes unnoticed, especially if folks have been drinking too much.
Cowgirls are a special breed of Improvisseurs.  As members of the equestrian sisterhood, they possess a surefooted confidence that respects individuality and bold style.  And while they adore high heels, they worship their boots.  Rather than choose between peep-toe pumps or snip-toe boots, the Western Switch-Out allows her to wear both at her convenience.  

Lucchese Boots

Dancing, like riding, requires innate rhythm and proper footwear.  Negotiating social functions also requires a good sense of rhythm to put your best foot forward.  For a cowgirl, style is mostly influenced by the rhythm of her heartbeat, not conventional decorum.  She loves the custom fit of her boots and how the swirls of cowgirl calligraphy embroidered on her Lucchese’s complement a little black dress or a luxe leather skirt.  And besides, it's not the shimmer of black patent pumps that puts a glimmer in a cowgirl's eye.