Summer Clearance, Fall's Appearance

Union Square is the center of a brilliant fashion galaxy with stellar boutiques shooting out in every direction.  Fashion trends emanate from designer storefronts like illustrious constellations with familiar names like Jimmy Choo and Bottega Veneta.

San Francisco's
stellar boutiques

In July, the streets surrounding Union Square are filled with international tourists drawn to San Francisco’s world-class shopping.  However, if you look closely, you can spot the local Style Improvisseurs who shop with a puma-like pace that allows them to bypass the crowds and seek solace within the gates of Maiden Lane.  Like a glimmering comet, an Improvisseur's independent streak tends to set her apart from the mainstream.  

Shopping in July means Summer clearance sales coinciding with the appearance of Fall fashion prominently displayed in stores.  Neiman Marcus, the Polaris of Union Square, has an eye-catching window display featuring a fashionably dressed duo in close consultation.  One is wearing a sleek black leather ensemble with bossy high heels, and her confidante is dressed in a double-breasted overcoat and large, masculine sunglasses.  The reflection in the window suggests this pair could be exchanging secrets about the brawny construction crew across the street.  

Neiman Marcus
Union Square

Black leather is an ideal segue into Fall fashion, especially in San Francisco where Summer temperatures vary dramatically in the same day.  This weather pattern makes leather a suitable choice now, and come December, it will still be relevant to the colder season.

July is a good time to assess your year-to-date goals and feel good about your achievements.  Clear out the disappointments and carry forward your optimism into the second half of the year. Treat yourself to a fresh fragrance from the Hermès garden perfume collection; indulge in a delicious lunch featuring Summer’s freshest organic vegetables; and check out Union Square for fresh ideas about what’s on the fashion horizon.  Visualize yourself in the cropped leather jacket you’re going to buy to celebrate your year-end success.