Ray-Ban Clubmaster: The Ambassador of Smart-looking Eyewear

You can’t hide behind the Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses because the 
classic frame is recognized and admired internationally.

Ray-Ban RB3016 Clubmaster 49mm (Mock Tortoise/Arista/G-15xlt Lens) Sport Sunglasses

The Clubmaster frame evokes nostalgia for a bygone era while simultaneously accessorizing the latest fashion trends.  The unisex design has a streak of independence that appeals to modern-day web designers like it did to 1960‘s media men.

Clubmaster sunglasses are shaped to flatter your cheekbones not cover them, and the subtle arch over the brow adds a hint of intrigue.  The mock tortoiseshell frame is accented with gold rims and dark green lenses to provide 100% UV protection.  This color combination is an attractive alternative to black sunglasses and the style complements business attire as well as perky sundresses.

be a citizen of the world...

The Clubmaster is Ray-Ban’s ambassador of smart-looking eyewear, so respect the lineage...and be prepared for people to approach you seeking direction(s).  

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