The Good Luck Scarf

When your work environment includes dangerous war zones, what is your must-have accessory? 

 A ‘good luck’ scarf, according to Arwa Damon, the CNN international correspondent featured in Net-A-Porter’s weekly magazine, The Edit.1  Ms. Damon has worked in the Middle East for over ten years and the good luck scarf is an important symbol for her and other professionals who report the news from high-risk locations. 

The lifestyle of a foreign correspondent requires preparedness and clothing that is versatile and easy to pack.  Confronting the daily challenges of her work requires traveling with “everything you have on your back,” says Ms. Damon. 2

Ms. Damon prefers the straightforward appeal of J. Crew t-shirts, Acne ankle boots, J Brand Jeans, and a Chan Luu scarf for her correspondent-ready wardrobe. Basics like jeans and t-shirts provide the utility and comfort she needs to excel at her job without compromising her desire “to get out there and see what is actually happening.” 3

For someone who encounters difficult situations on a regular basis, it’s understandable why Ms. Damon would describe her style by saying, “I wear a lot of black because it’s easy.”4 

In admiration of her courage and style, we consider Ms. Damon a Role Model on the Runway.  


1 Christa D’Souza, “The Interview:  Arwa Damon,” The Edit, March 14, 2013,

2-4  D’Souza, 23.