Peak Performance: Aspen Saturday Market In September

To get an idea of how spectacular aspens look this time of year, imagine hundreds of butterscotch drops suspended from the branches of these beautiful trees.  Like the mellow blend of butter and brown sugar, the golden leaves cast a warm glow over the smooth, white bark.  Once Autumn arrives, aspens form a dazzling procession up the slope of Ajax Mountain in Aspen, Colorado.

early morning procession
of Nature's royalty...

The Aspen Saturday Market  offers a feast for your eyes and treats for your sweet tooth.  In a town where tourism thrives, the market has become a popular venue for the community to enjoy a homestyle brunch with a little hometown dish on the side.  Regardless of the direction you’re facing, the market tantalizes your senses with cheerful colors and delicious aromas from mounds of freshly-baked pastries and bread; baskets of green beans and yellow squash; boxes of ripe peaches; and above, a cerulean sky to launch expressions of gratitude.

mid-September harvest
black radishes, squash, and okra

Originating from a single root system, aspens grow in colonies that can survive for thousands of years at high elevations.1  Sun-loving aspens flourish by sending out new stems as far as 100’ from the parent tree, and this unique root structure also makes them resistant to fire damage. 2 Because it's soft, but quite strong, aspen wood is used to make excelsior, paper, and matches.

Best-Dressed Farmers' Market...

The Aspen Saturday Market has branched out to include a variety of goods from farmers and artisans living in nearby towns.  Glamorous jewelry, distinctive clothing brands, and fine artwork add a sophisticated flair to the market.  While strolling through the most scenic market in Colorado, you can find ingredients to stock your pantry, or a designer dress to rock your closet.    

 Open 9:00-3:00 on Saturdays
through mid-October

Standing beneath a golden canopy of aspen trees is an enchanting experience.  A childhood memory of reaching into a bag of Brach’s butterscotch candy intersects with the thrill of seeing Maroon Bells as an adult for a moment of pure contentment. 

There’s nothing like the melodic sound of the wind blowing through
 aspen leaves to ring in the new season.