El Camino Diferente in Santa Fe

Santa Fe is a tapestry of indigenous elements woven with a creative Southwestern flair that attracts people from all over the world.  It's a walking city with delightful pathways that gradually reveal fascinating details about the Spanish history of the oldest state capital in the USA.  There's also much to admire about the influence of the Pueblo Indians from the nearby Sangre de Cristo mountains on Santa Fe's renowned art galleries.

Walking in Santa Fe is a pleasant way to observe the nuances of everyday life.  A relaxed sensibility pervades the local style and fashion boutiques.  Tunics and scarves are worn with flared crop pants, and jackets, a daily necessity in the high desert climate, add a distinctive layer.  Loose silhouettes are often gathered with wide, artisanal belts, and Dansko clogs and Pikolinos complement the certainty of the New Mexican pace.

There's a powerful female energy in Santa Fe that fosters independence.  Long gray tresses are naturally curly and often worn in a chic topknot accented with a decorative clip.  And women's preference for earthy colors looks especially stylish when punctuated with silver necklaces and bracelets adorned with intricate patterns and colorful gemstones.  

Full Bloom Boutique
Johnny Was, Biya, Komarov

Like a gossamer veil, the sunlight is magnificent in Santa Fe's semi-arid climate.  The golden hue imparts a lovely warmth to the minimalist make-up palette, and skin care clearly radiates from the inside out.  The splendid glow that comes from Santa Fe's 7,000' elevation has an illuminating effect on everything.  Best of all, you'll begin to see yourself in a new light.  You really must get lost in the city of “holy faith” to find the treasure within.  Buen viaje

style is influenced by earthy tones...