Cowgirl Calligraphy And The Pioneering Spirit

In contrast to the legislation debated in the Texas Capital up the street, representatives from the South Congress shopping district enact style policy that’s imaginative and fun.  They agree that freedom of expression is essential for the advancement of regional style.  Although they’re not elected, these entrepreneurs know how to work a crowd of locals and international tourists by providing friendly service and unique goods that characterize the independent streak that runs through South Austin.  

Leigh, owner of Leighelena in SoCo, wears
a vintage Wrangler shirt and turquoise jewelry from her store.
Enamel cuff bracelet also by Leighelena. 

The stores in SoCo offer a diverse selection of clothes and accessories for the improvisseur to mix and match.  Decades of fashion come and go, then reappear in Leighelena where an in-store tailor is available to alter your must-have selection of vintage clothes.  There's also an import store and fashion boutique nearby if you desire embroidered accessories from Latin America, or an Isabel Marant blouse to add a touch of bohemian charisma to your wardrobe.  

If it's authentic Texas style you're looking for, step into Allen's Boots and ask to see the selection of Lucchese boots made in the Lone Star state since 1883.  Buyer be aware:  cowgirl boots are not for the faint-hearted.  Unless you’re ready to seize the day and change your channel from timid to bold, don’t even bother to try them on.  However, if you're up for a long-term commitment, go ahead and buy the pair that lassos your heart and makes you want to take on a new challenge. 

Lucchese 1883 boots

Lucchese's inspire you to own your pioneering spirit and seek new territory with confidence.  There’s a proud legacy of barrel racers and rodeo queens who’ll attest to the advantages of wearing genuine leather boots that mold to the shape of your feet to support you during work and play.  Put your sandals aside for the day and add a kick to your outfit by wearing your new (or vintage) Lucchese boots with a skirt or shorts.  

Cowgirl Calligraphy
for the equestrian sisterhood.
Western wear often shows up on vintage racks in Texas awaiting the next generation of free-spirited individualists.  Durability and flamboyance are woven into classic snap-front shirts for a neat fit to dress up your favorite jeans.  Western style yokes are embellished with floral patterns and swirls that look like cowgirl calligraphy written especially for the equestrian sisterhood.  Fancy filigree spills over shoulders and around cuffs expressing the “don’t fence me in” attitude common among cowgirls.1  

vamos a Guero’s 

After shopping all afternoon on SoCo, be sure to reward yourself with the cheese enchilades con chili verde sauce from Guero’s.  La comida es muy delicioso.

1  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don%27t_Fence_Me_In_(song)