Austin's Style Charisma

In the moments before sunrise and after sunset, a majestic display of colors known as the Violet Crown appears as a breathtaking backdrop to the skyline.  Rich shades of purple and orange ignite into fiery streaks above the horizon to produce magnificent light and shadows. The Violet Crown that illuminates Austin's hill country is especially dramatic because it emits a certain frequency that lures romantics outside to behold its magical glow and poetic inspiration. 

Austin wears her Violet Crown more like a philosopher than a monarch.  Free-rein is granted to the subjects of this creative kingdom to dream big.  Self-expression is important among Austinites who consider originality a fundamental right and friendliness a civic duty.  Home to the University of Texas and the SXSW Conference, Austin has a fervent appetite for sports and live music, as well as outdoor recreation that often involves a festival to celebrate the active lifestyle.  
The average temperature during the Summer is in the mid-90’s which has a significant influence on style.  Austinites excel at facing the heat with casual flair:  jaunty outfits of tank tops and billowy skirts; shorts with vintage western boots; white crop pants with wispy designer blouses; and team caps and cowboy hats that defy the sun.  But no other look expresses Austin’s fashion charisma like the glamorous pageantry of colorful sundresses waiting to be seated at one of the many outdoor dining patios.  

Sundresses give women the advantage over the blazing heat.  Sunny prints and bold patterns give these lightweight dresses an effortless appeal with a variety of stylish choices such as halter necklines, strapless with sheer layers, and spaghetti straps.  Designed for fun, sundresses also give women the opportunity to show off their style credentials for selecting accessories and shoes to complement the carefree spirit.  Strappy high heels or flat sandals make fine companions for bangle bracelets, big-rimmed sunglasses, and wide-brimmed hats.  
The Capital city has a magnetic personality that attracts creatives who appreciate the beauty of the environment and the energy of the local vibe.  Even though individuality is revered, the widespread optimism seems to stem from their love for socializing in the heat of the Summer when Austin style really shines.  With an eye on the fashion horizon, Texans know how to honor their lone star heritage while also mixing modern trends into a casual style that keeps Austin cool.