Fashion On The Farm

When Vogue photographed Meryl Streep strolling through a vegetable garden wearing Michael Kors, Mother Nature probably felt underdressed in her drab, winter attire.  

Fortunately, Ms. Nature knows how to accessorize with bold cruciferous vegetables this time of year.  And Sol Flower Farm knows how to stylize a garden by raising organic broccoli, while the ecologically minded Ms. Streep raises awareness about one of her favorite causes:  sustainable farming

The article, “Force of Nature,”  refers to Ms. Streep’s membership in a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) that  sells shares to consumers so they can buy fresh food directly from the farmer instead of a grocery store. 1  Her healthy glow could be a testimonial for the bounty of farm products she enjoys from her CSA.   Like a volunteer sunflower, she stands tall in a patch of broccoli flashing a radiant smile that brightens the overcast day.  Dressed in a casual outfit by American designer, Michael Kors, her sleeves are rolled up as though she’s ready to fill her basket with the season’s freshest vegetables.   
Whether you’re buying from a local farm or a small fashion boutique, your appreciation for top quality products and personalized attention leads you to seek the best each season has to offer, be it farm goods or fashion.


1  Vicki Woods, "Force Of Nature," Vogue, January 2012, p. 106.