The Most Valuable Fashion Currency

Pursuing a cause that’s dear to your heart is an important characteristic of a role model.  “The International Best-Dressed List” featured in Vanity Fair magazine includes an assortment of celebrities and professionals who are recognized for their exceptional wardrobe, occupation, and favorite “Cause.” 1 Identifying the winner’s cause on a best-dressed list along with their “signature item of clothing” provides insight into their sense of style rather than just their fashion preferences.  
It wasn’t until I viewed the additional photos of the Best-Dressed list online that the stylish magnetism of these three women captured my attention:  Christine Lagarde, Stella Tennant, and Tilda Swinton.  While their flair for fashion is sophisticated and discerning, their smart-looking hair styles are equally appealing. They each have short hair combed behind-the-ears with a streak of incisiveness that gets them noticed.  Short hair accentuates their beautiful features like Ms. Swinton’s green eyes and the confident stature of Ms. Tennant.  
Fashion Currency
Ms. Lagarde has the distinction of being the first woman to be the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund.  At 5’10,” even a modest pair of heels elevates her to a visible position in which to take charge of global finance. 2  She incorporates fashion into her profession by wearing Chanel, shopping at Ventilo, and selecting suits with a purposeful design from Austin Reed. 3 Her Cause“Bringing women into the financial sector.” 4
Ooh la la for moolah la.
Runway Role Model
Along with being commended for her ability to select fashion that flatters her 5‘ll” physique, Ms. Tennant is also featured in an Etro advertisement and as the muse for Celine designer, Phoebe Philo, in the “Great Inspirations” article. 5 Her compelling stare and nonchalant stance give her an extraordinary appeal on and off the runway.  Anna Wintour’s description of Ms. Tennant’s personality speaks to her role model status:  “In the fashion world, Tennant has always stood for individuality and authenticity.” 6
Her Cause:  Sure Start for children. 7
Daring actress
Also on the 2008 best-dressed list, Ms. Swinton listed “the Kilt” as her favorite item of clothing and prefers “Haider Ackermann anything” for current looks. 8 Fine features and fierce independence have enabled this daring actress to be the muse for Mr. Ackermann    and be cast in male roles. 9  She’s also been known to seek avant garde projects as well as major motion pictures.  In 2008, she won an Academy Award for best “Actress in a Supporting Role” in “Michael Clayton” (2007 release). 10 Her Cause:  8 1/2 foundation. 11
Dressing well is an art form and these women understand how to use fashion as a medium for expressing their individual style.  With an eye for proportion, color, and stylish restraint, they have achieved global recognition for embracing their creative passion...the most valuable fashion currency.


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