RumoR: Role models on the Runway

RumoR is about the embodiment of Mindful Allure.  Like a home art studio, your closet is a creative space to mix and match your ideas about what’s chic, utilitarian, whimsical, or glamorous.  When you personalize fashion to suit your style, you’ll achieve the right fit to complement your lifestyle.   
RumoR features women who possess fashion verve.  Actors, friends, designers, and professionals who raise fashion to its highest calling:  happiness.  Being a role model means having the desire to mentor women on how you achieved success, while being on the runway refers to feeling the joy of dressing for success.   

Dressing well is an art form and creative women understand that fashion is a medium for expressing their individual style and heartfelt generosity. 
Role models move fashion forward.

Photo Credit;
Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center