Sofia Sizzi de Firenze

Imagine growing up where the Renaissance began. You would be immersed in a culture that honors its legacy of incomparable craftsmanship and designation as a World Heritage Site.”1 The magnificent architectural and artistic masterpieces would instill a sense of wonderment and inspiration for creative endeavors.  Strolling among Tuscan treasures, instead of reading about them, would increase your awareness of the classic elements of proportion and pattern that distinguishes ancient basilicas, bibliotecas, and tailor-made suits worn by well-dressed Italians.  Florence’s beauty is so legendary that you could drop a camera and still get a good photo.  

solemn and sophisticated...
While enjoying Net-A-Porter’s weekly magazine, I was captivated by an article about a modern Florentine designer, Sofia Sizzi.  After working with Gucci and Donna Karen, Ms. Sizzi embarked on a personal renaissance with her label, Giulietta. 2 As the definitive, online designer boutique, Net-A-Porter features select pieces of her ready-to-wear line that are concentrated in three colors:  black, white, and red.  The mood of the collection is solemn and sophisticated.  Several pieces have a close-fitting neckline that gives the appearance of a custom accessory attached to the garment.  

The bell shaped sleeves of the cape coat are sure to lend an air of mystery to your Autumn ensembles.  Made of a wool and cashmere blend, the "loose-fit" style will cloak you in secrecy for an evening rendezvous.  Ms. Sizzi’s “wool and silk blend cape-back dress” is evocative of ceremonial vestments worn by the clergy.  The angular shape creates a striking silhouette from afar.  Up close, the elegant front pleat flatters your stride to entice admirers.3  Wearing a classic french twist will reveal the buttons that accent the backside of the crisp, upright collar.  

Reserve a spot in your closet for the posture-conscious Giulietta dress in cardinal red. 4 The wide pleats accentuate the waist, and the elbow-length sleeves suggest the Giulietta is appropriate for wearing to important family affairs.  Again, you’ll want to twist your hair up to complement the graceful line of the collar that flows into a lovely teardrop opening. 

Talking Italian” talking points

As the purveyor of Mindful Allure, I whole heartedly support Ms. Sizzi’s “Style Mantras.”5
S.....Buy investment pieces.
T.....Always mix old with new.
Y.....Don’t be a slave to trends.
L.....Find your own voice and style.
E.....Celebrate your age and shape. 
Add these mantras to your shopping criteria and you’ll build a wardrobe one investment piece at a time to give you peace of mind.
Buona fortuna, Ms. Sizzi, as you bridge your time between two of fashion’s sister cities, New York and Florence.

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Photos used with permission from Giulietta-New York.