Plants are very flirtatious.  They grow to extraordinary lengths to get our attention. They look good, taste good, and when you brush up against some of them, they smell good.  The fragrant plants are the ones you have to watch out for because they possess mysterious qualities to charm you.

From taproots to heart-shaped leaves, organic plants yield culinary and therapeutic products that enhance well-being.  The sustainable practices used in organic gardening promote a healthy balance of water and soil nutrients to optimize the cellular structure and attract bees for pollination.  Certain types of plants such as flowers, herbs, and citrus trees develop aroma compounds giving them distinctive characteristics that interact well with humankind’s desire for flavor and fragrance.1  

Apart from the obvious attraction of colorful petals and luscious fruits, aromatics possess the power to calm, stimulate, and clarify emotions, as well as provide antiseptic and astringent properties to improve the condition of skin.2  Through the process of distillation, essential oils are released into a highly concentrated substance that forms the basis of aromatherapy.  
like a garden confidant...

Consulting with clients about lifestyle habits enables a aromatherapist to make recommendations that encourage clients to be aware of the connection between emotional and physical health.3  Like a garden confidant, an Aromatherapist reveals the innermost secrets of plants by creating a unique blend of essential oils that respects the nuances of a client's personality.  Appealing to the sense of smell can produce uplifting results to affect peace of mind.
Using products made with the caring hands of an artisan makes you feel like you’re part of the plant lifecycle instead of a production cycle that relies on robotic arms.  Organic products like moisturizers, toners, and massage oils nourish and hydrate your skin to restore vitality.  Wearing products made with inorganic ingredients and synthetic fragrances doesn’t compare to the pleasant interaction of naturally scented oils with body chemistry. 
“Transcendence from Seed to Scent”
Luminous well-being came about from the desire to align intrinsic style with health and beauty rituals.  Including organic products in your daily life helps shift your perspective on body care from health and beauty to “health is beauty.”  This philosophy has lead me to sample a range of products available in drug stores to small distributors of handcrafted products sold only online.  Since your skin is like a life-size sponge during a massage, I’ve also become interested in spas that use organic products.  Thanks to very attentive customer service, I discovered AromaVana, an aromatherapy resource for spas and consumers. 
Located in the scenic community of Woodside in Northern California, AromaVana crafts massage oils, body scrubs, and hydrosols in small quantities to ensure freshness.  Their product line appeals to practitioners because of their expertise in therapeutic bodywork and esthetic services.  
 “Our passion is to educate people about the wonderful healing benefits of this ancient art (aromatherapy) and to intuitively create unique blends that facilitate 
healing on all levels.” 
AromaVana also provides consulting services to assist spas with developing treatments, menus, and aromatherapy practices.  When spas host a “Custom Blend Bar,” guests learn about the benefits of aromatherapy and sniff their favorite blends in a format that is similar to a wine tasting.  Instead of sampling a wine flight, guests sample (inhale) essential oils from the "aroma bar."  This type of event is the perfect way for a spa to introduce aromatherapy as a treatment for revitalizing senses. 

“the highest domain of energy”

The freshness of AromaVana’s products is maintained by their use of a dark violet bottle manufactured in Switzerland using an “alchemical process for superior protection.”  The characteristics of the violet spectral range minimize the need to add preservatives.  Perhaps the most fascinating feature of the bottle is that the violet frequency of light represents “the highest domain of energy” to activate the essential oils.  The thoughtful packaging is environmentally friendly and also makes a very attractive gift set.  
Choosing body care products made with a wholesome formula that you love is very satisfying after years of using products with an ingredient list dominated by preservatives, synthetic chemicals, and petroleum by-products.  Just like you supplement grocery shopping with a trip to the farmers market, consider complementing your body care needs with natural products that are handcrafted by an Aromatherapist.  

White Blossom Hydrosol

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