Accista Spa: Honoring The Rhythm of The Seasons

Observing the life cycles of plants in their natural environment is an insightful way to cultivate a holistic perspective on well-being.  Accista Spa, located in the Hyatt Regency in Monterey, has aligned their philosophy with the natural cycles of Harvest, Rest, Renewal, and Abundance to promote "total body renewal."

The spas in the Hyatt Pure global network are designed to provide “an authentic indigenous experience”  inspired by the natural resources of the local environment.  Hyatt Pure seeks to capture the energy that surges through the native plants and culture when developing spa treatments.  Their mission is evident in India where Ayurvedic traditions are honored, and in Indonesia where the influence of Balinese healing methods are revered.  Many of the spas incorporate elements of the regional architecture to immerse guests in the vernacular of structures like an exotic open-air pavilion, an ancient water palace, or a chic urban retreat. 

The Ohlone people of Northern California once inhabited the Monterey region where they thrived on the bounty of the land and sea.1  The name of their homeland was chosen by Hyatt Pure as a fitting title for “Accista” Spa located near the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.  Cool, onshore winds keep the air clean and invigorating, and have also shaped dunes along the shore that provide a specialized habitat for resilient plants.  Further inland, native botanicals with unique healing properties are harvested from wildflower meadows and oak groves to be used in some of Accista’s custom products.  

Accista Spa is a true expression of Hyatt Pure’s vision of embracing the natural surroundings.  With respect for the sensitive environment and cultural heritage of Monterey, the spa has established "The Accista Way" to guide their service standards.  The spa is committed to using sustainable products and practices, and when possible, organic products are used in treatments.  
aromatic initiation...

The spa is a haven of modern decor accentuated with warm colors and natural patterns to ease you into a calm state of mind.  Guests are greeted at the Front Desk with a pleasant sampling of the range of natural aromas found in the Monterey landscape.  The aromatic blends are handcrafted by Ajne of Carmel by the Sea, and are reminiscent of a walk along the coast or a hike through a pristine valley in the foothills. 
Since one fragrance doesn’t fit all, Accista allows you to choose among several blends to include in the preparation of your treatments.   Ms. Socorro Valdez, Spa Manager, refers to this procedure as a form of “intuitive aromatherapy.”  As you sniff the blends, your reaction is influenced by your mood, as well as your intuition about what's best for your health.  Essential oils have an instinctive appeal that you can trust to enhance the benefits of a therapeutic massage.  
Depending on your skin type, your therapist will select the appropriate base oil in which to add your favorite aromatic blend.  Like a distinct rite of massage, the therapist gently mixes the ingredients in a brass bowl to release the aromatic properties that facilitate relaxation.  

Other regionally inspired treatments include the aptly named Monterey Mist Facial that saturates your skin with the nourishment of evening primrose, honey, and algae for a dewy complexion.  The Sea Kelp Scrub and Soak uses marine minerals to detoxify your body.  If you desire a comprehensive spa program, the Accista Continuum harmonizes body care with “the rhythm of the seasons.”

After the Autumn harvest, heed the natural inclination to deep clean, revitalize, and protect your skin with a sequence of treatments that include a purifying body wrap,  
manicure, and pedicure.  
The reduced daylight of Wintertime brings you indoors for an indulgent soak and body wrap followed by a soothing 90 minute massage.  
As flower buds emerge in the restorative cycle of Spring, a 60 minute 
Radiance Facial is the perfect treat after a seasonal scrub and extra long massage to 
encourage the blossom of good health.  
The height of Summer splendor is a time of enrichment with a seasonal soak and wrap, 
a hot-stone massage, and a luxurious 90 minute facial.  

                         luminous vitality...

The Hyatt Pure network of spas specializes in helping you fulfill your aspirations for luminous vitality and beauty.  If you’re visiting the Monterey area, experience the genuine guest appreciation at Accista Spa complemented by their authentic aromatherapy products.  The aromatic candles from Ajne make delightful souvenirs to treasure the essence of Monterey's natural beauty everytime you smell the warmth of cypress, the purification of sage, and the soothing qualities of pine.  

Hyatt Pure is a trademark of Hyatt.

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All photos (excluding beach photo) were taken with permission by Accista Spa.