The Alchemy of Heart Notes

The exquisite dressmaking skill of a Couturier is apparent in how beautifully a luxurious piece of fabric is sewn to flatter a woman’s precise measurements.  Wearing a custom made dress with a perfect fit inspires an ascent to a higher level of self-confidence and classic style.
The art of blending fragrance notes into a custom perfume is the extraordinary craft of a Mélangeur.  By carefully selecting the finest botanicals to complement your unique qualities, a perfumer prepares a formula that is a sophisticated expression of your individuality.  Wearing a handcrafted perfume with your Name on the label is like surrounding yourself in an aura of enchantment. 
Natural perfume making is an ancient art practiced by devoted professionals who work with essential oils extracted from organic sources such as flowers, leaves, and wood.  Perfumers also rely on their intuition to blend a formula that’s in harmony with body chemistry and personality. 

Like a concerto, a fine perfume is composed of fragrance notes that gradually unfold in three movements beginning with the first impression of the Top Notes which evaporate quickly to reveal the more pronounced Middle (Heart) Notes.  In time, the Base Notes emerge to give depth to the lingering scent.1   

The process of blending your signature scent will help you to understand why certain fragrances are more aesthetically pleasing than others.  As you learn to distinguish among categories of fragrance notes such as Floral, Oriental, or Woody, the theme of your perfume will be composed from your preferences.  Once your custom formula is established it can be adjusted to suit lifestyle and seasonal changes, and best of all, it can be treasured like a family heirloom.

 Apothecary & Parfumerie

The “pure, plant perfection” of Ajne is evident at the threshold of their charming showroom in Carmel-By-The-Sea, California as you pause to breathe the captivating aroma.  The clean, botanical fragrance and gracious service welcomes you into an authentic Apothecary and Parfumerie designed to delight your senses.  
Ajne has the distinction of being one of the few remaining perfume houses that uses organic ingredients to blend extraordinary scents for individuals, spas, and resorts.  Jane Hendler, Founder of Ajne, is involved at all stages of fragrance production to ensure every product is free of chemicals, pollens, parabens, and synthetics.2  
Ajne specializes in mixing precise formulas that flatter your unique chemistry.  Certified Mélangeurs use a proprietary fragrance system to craft custom scents and skin care products for women and men, as well as popular unisex and maternity blends.  The experts work with some of nature’s most enigmatic ingredients from around the world.  

        Oudh, the sacred oil of Agarwood from India, is said to “carry one’s 
prayers to the heavens”; large, cream colored flowers of the Kewda Tree, 
originally from Hawaii and India, possess therapeutic benefits and a 
provocative, heady scent; and the spicy, exotic notes of Boronia
  flowers from Australia that are so complex there are no synthetic 

While Ajne is a very special destination for those who desire the exceptional quality of a hand-blended fragrance, it’s also the premier choice for all natural candles and ambient scents to purify your home environment.  Experience the magical sense of well-being from products that are infused with a deep respect for the transformative properties of fragrant botanicals.


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All photos were taken at the Ajne showroom.