Fashion Verve: "The Day Before - DVF"

(This post was originally published on 10/15/10, but it's been updated to honor 
Diane Von Furstenberg's The Journey Of A Dress exhibition celebrating 40 years of the wrap dress.)

In 1974, Diane Von Furstenberg's wrap dress created a new species in the fashion genus.  A streak of confidence was bred into the iconic wrap dress making it one of the most powerful symbols in a woman's wardrobe.  Indeed, the wrap dress does for a woman's figure what a tie does for a man's suit.  

The versatility of the wrap dress is one of its best features.  The clever design complements the measurements of many women with adjustable waist ties for a custom fit, and a V-neck with a daring vertical drop to give women many options for flattering daytime looks and glamorous evening events.  More importantly, the classic silhouette of the wrap dress measures up to a woman's desire to feel confident and alluring.

"Naoki" by DVF in a vibrant
Seed Balloons pattern

Over the years, the DVF brand has empowered women to aim high without losing sight of their femininity.  In "The Day Before" documentary, Ms. Von Furstenberg exudes the dynamic energy, leadership, and grace that has expanded her success well beyond the wrap dress.

Sundance Channel's, The Day Before - DVF, is a behind-the-scenes look at the 36 hours before her 2010 New York Runway Show.  Throughout this insightful documentary, Ms. Von Furstenberg gives candid remarks about her intriguing fashion philosophy, for example:  
“I don’t care about fashion I care about women.”

Ms. Von Furstenberg is the embodiment of fashion verve: confident, artistic, and authentic. Her smart designs and modern prints appeal to women of all ages.  From her vantage point as a fashion legend, she understands what women need to thrive in their multidimensional lives so her clothing features “masculine tailoring" and "feminine styling.”

When asked to describe her latest collection she promptly responded with:  “Banker, Biker, Ballerina.”  The collective persona of “Banker, Biker, Ballerina” is the ideal attitude to accessorize the 2010 vibe, i.e, be the brainy, bodacious, beauty you imagine!  Perhaps her collection should include an Owner’s Manual to explain how she achieved what she refers to as a “man’s life in a woman’s body.”

In the world of high stakes, high fashion, Ms. Von Furstenberg appeared composed on the day before her big event.  Despite the pressure of the show's deadline, she calmly issued executive decisions while doing yoga in her office.  Practicing yoga in the workplace is a great way to cultivate the creativity that gives birth to innovation. 

Ms. Von Furstenberg's backstage advice to the models before the show:

“Seduce, smile, and enjoy it.”
“Be proud to be you.”

Women’s lives continue to be enhanced by deluxe Belgian treats such as exceptional chocolate and brilliant diamonds like the multi-faceted Diane Von Furstenberg whose wrap dresses are still prized for their beautiful color and cut.  

DVF quotes are from: http://www.sundancechannel.com/films/500577602/