Clarisonic: TLC dermatology for DIY cosmetology

I know several women whose sophisticated skin care regimens would make a cosmetologist blush with envy. Their meticulous product selections are specially formulated to treat skin-type concerns and enhance a natural glow. However, what I admire most about my friends is their understanding that beauty is an inside job. Self-confidence inspires their daily skin care rituals and brightens their gorgeous smiles.

Although our makeup preferences vary, we all agree that thorough cleansing is as essential to everyday skin care as drinking enough water. And when it comes to clean, one product reigns supreme: Clarisonic. This professional-caliber brush features a sonic micro-massage designed to deep clean your face.1 

When Clarisonic is used with its companion products like the Gentle Hydro Cleanser, you’ll enjoy the soothing benefits of an advanced formulation that is pH-balanced and non-foaming. The results are amazing when compared to conventional cleansing methods: 6x more makeup is removed so your favorite moisturizer will absorb more efficiently for a radiant skin tone. 2  

Clarisonic is appropriate for teenagers also. Stage performances and athletic events present a challenge to maintaining healthy skin care habits. However, using the Clarisonic brush for just 1 minute eliminates makeup and grime from a 2-hour play or a 3-hour track meet.  Also, the waterproof handle simplifies the hectic morning routine with the exclusive T-TIMER setting. This clever innovation beeps when it’s time to move to another part of your face to ensure thorough and even cleansing. 3

Clarisonic is gentle enough for all skin types and offers three brush heads to satisfy the T-zone and acne prone concerns of any age group. In fact, the user guide specifies that, “pressing too hard will impede the motion of the brush and reduce its effectiveness.” 4 It’s not necessary to scrub your face for a squeaky-clean that is irritating; instead, simply move the brush in a circular motion and enjoy the spa-like treatment.

Try it-Love it-Clarisonic

Regardless of age, sonic skin cleansing is an ideal way to remove sunscreen and make-up without harsh abrasion or chemicals. For an alternative to the traditional soap and washcloth method, visit Clarisonic.com for answers to your DIY questions. Or, invite a friend to lunch, then head to Nordstrom where y’all can admire this little beauty up close.

Clarisonic and T-TIMER are registered trademarks of Pacific Bioscience Laboratories, Inc.


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