Free Range Yoga In The Summer

Summer is the ideal time to practice free range yoga outside of the studio. The ritual flow of Sun Salutations melts the muscular tension accumulated from long vacation travel and racing through turnstiles and standing single-file in too many aisles. Just as a local tour guide fascinates with impromptu sightseeing, Salutations revitalize your senses to transform a vacation into an adventurous retreat.  

In the Park

Free range yoga empowers you to strengthen the foundation of your personal practice. Planting your feet in a cushion of grass instead of a rubber mat places you in contact with the earth for a more energizing vinyasa. The rhythmic integration of breath and motion eases travel fatigue and synchronizes biology with geography; and like a fulcrum, the stillness of Samasthiti will help you maintain balance in your new surroundings.
On the beach...

A spontaneous session of yoga on the beach inspires confidence in your sense of direction. When you’re not relying on a teacher to prompt you for the next posture in a sequence, the alignment of mind and body occurs quite naturally. Outside of the studio, your gaze is instantly drawn to the expansive, blue horizon as you inhale to elongate your spine and exhale while bending forward to grasp your feet.
Outside the studio

Breathe aloud. Whisper an affirmation. Become a luminary by honoring the ancient lineage of yoga with the union of your Power & Light beneath the summer sun. When your senses are tuned in with the ebb & flow of the waves, you’ll find that counting, holding, and comparing aren’t necessary for an authentic free range yoga experience.